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BUILD your results strategy & the capacity to sustain it.
  • Create a results strategy designed specifically for your organization.
  • Identify the changes your services can accomplish with your partners or patients and know if you are making a difference.
  • Train and coach your team in the skills needed to sustain results.
  • Enable your team to create a results and innovation mindset they will use to begin every project with a focus on achieving results.
MEASURE the impact of your programs, services & community investments.
  • Measure the impact that your services have with your partners.
  • Develop simple results tracking processes that provide you with real-time feedback. 
  • Create a monitoring and evaluation system to gather data, determine what progress your organization is making, and shed light on areas for improvement.
  • Conduct developmental evaluation and provide on-going feedback that allows you to continually improve.
  • Teach you to do your own simple evaluation. 
IMPROVE programs & services by applying what you learn. 
  • Use the feedback you collect to adapt and improve your efforts.
  • Implement your results strategy throughout your organization.
  • Design easy prompts and systems that weave on-going data collection and feedback into your normal reporting and planning activities.
  • Become a learning organization and apply an improvement mindset.
SHARE your results
with partners, donors, 
stakeholders & beyond.
  • Tell the story of the results you have achieved with your partners and patients.
  • Demonstrate your value to funders and donors.
  • Use your own data to describe how you are adapting and improving over time. 
  • Engage staff, leaders, and volunteers in your results journey by regularly sharing your results.